The co-founders of songs for seeds were honored with a dedication award at the annual TheaterWorksUSA benefit on April 29 in New York City.  Working to support children over 50 years, TheaterWorks has produced over 130 quality children’s shows. TheaterWorksUSA reaches 2 million kids across America every year and the money raised from the NYC benefit will go to bringing shows to children who do not have access to theater arts.

TheaterWorksUSA chose songs for seeds as an honoree due to its longstanding commitment to children’s music and the arts. songs for seeds believes deeply in the philosophy of TheaterWorksUSA and has promoted the caliber and quality of their productions in communities across the country. For many young children, songs for seeds is the very first time they are exposed to live music through its rockin’ 3-piece live band. It’s also the first time many children hear their own voice amplified on a microphone in the popular “sing with the band” section of class. Developing this early love of live performance and musical arts is a priority for songs for seeds, one that TheaterWorksUSA continues when these babies grow up to be big kids. TheaterWorksUSA's scripts, music, actors, sets, costumes and talent are unmatched in children’s theater.

songs for seeds thanks TheaterWorksUSA for its dedication to children and is proud to be an honoree!

What is TheaterWorksUSA?

TheaterWorksUSA’s mission is, “To create exceptional, transformative theatrical experiences that are accessible to young and family audiences in diverse communities throughout New York City and North America.”

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