Is a Music Education Franchise a Good Investment Opportunity?

Is a Music Education Franchise a Good Investment Opportunity?

A strong investment opportunity represents an industry that is expanding, resilient in economic downturn, and sustainable over the long term. If you have been looking into songs for seeds, you may be wondering if our music education franchise is a good investment opportunity that fits all these categories. It hits all three, in fact, and brings a whole lot more in the terms of benefits.

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why Invest into Songs for Seeds?

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strong industry profile

Our music education franchise targets two strong industries: Education and Tutoring, accounting for $102.8 billion annually, and (more specifically) Early Childhood Education which accounts for $12 billion in annual revenue. As previous budget cuts to schooling programs has led to a lack of adequate creative programs for children, there has been a surge in demand from parents looking for these curriculums outside of the school. Songs for Seeds answers this need by offering children a fun way to learn and grow in their essential early years.

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recessicion resilience

As parents always want the best for their children, education spending remains steady even in times of recession. An investment into songs for seeds has the potential to supply you with steady incomes even when other businesses are facing hardships in the case of economic downturn.


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In the past five years, the Early Childhood Education industry experienced a growth rate of 3.6%. This translates to sustainable business for Franchise Owners. The Global Partnership for Education states that children who recieve well-rounded early education programs “are better prepared for primary school and will reach better education outcomes.” With the United States population of young children at more than 75 million, there is plenty of opportunity for early education business operators to cash in on. 

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While a full blown tutoring center requires high investment costs and a large, organized staff, songs for seeds offers a much simpler approach. With the goal of offering convenience and flexibility to our Franchise Owners, we developed the Roadie Box. This “business in a box” is the core of your operations and is easily transportable, allowing you the freedom to move to where your business is (schools, parties, events, etc). 

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Such simplicity allows our business model to become easily scalable. Once you’ve got the hang of your Roadie Box and your classes are full, it’s easy to add on more staff and manage multiple locations. Increase your earnings and increase the smiles!

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While the lucrative education industry is certainly a positive for your bank account, at songs for seeds we embrace that there are more fulfilling things in life than money. An investment into our music education franchise is a way for you to connect and network with the individuals in your community. Give back to the younger generation with quality education. As you laugh, sing and dance with your clients and their children, you’ll understand the joy that comes from giving back to others. 

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it doesn't get much better than this!
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“Studies have shown that introducing young children to music, early, aids in their cognitive development. It really CAN give them an academic edge when they go to school.”


Co-Owner of songs for seeds music education franchise, Charleston

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