Benefits of Self Employment with our Education Franchise

Benefits of Self Employment with our Education Franchise

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has led to economic uncertainty. Many people are facing unemployment as this natural disaster unfolds. While recession is unpredictable, many experts agree that the economy will bounce back quickly once the pandemic settles down.

If you’re facing unemployment, consider changing your career by delving into entrepreneurship. You can take charge of your line of work, explore possible recession proof businesses to start and reap the benefits of professional freedom.

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Be Your Own Boss

Self employment is the ultimate opportunity in professional freedom. As the boss of your own business, you make all the important decisions. Stepping into a leadership role can increase your satisfaction and sense of pride in your line of work.

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High Earning Potential

In the corporate world, take home pay is strictly limited by salary caps. When you work for yourself, there are no such restrictions. The harder you work, the more you earn.

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Positive Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneurs often experience a better work-life balance as they have more control over their schedule. The traditional 9-5 of the corporate world is nearly impossible to maintain if you’re also balancing family, hobbies and personal pursuits. Pursuing self employment allows you to work to live, not the other way around.

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Professional Development

As a business owner, you’ll face plenty of challenges – leading a team, tough decision making, financial planning and so on. Entrepreneurs that face these challenges gracefully develop into well-rounded professionals.

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Personal Fulfillment

Choosing to take charge of your career brings a deeper satisfaction than depending on someone else for employment. When you pursue a career that is in line with your personal interests, you’ll find fulfillment in the work you do.

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Recession Proof Businesses to Start

While no one business or industry can claim to be recession proof, those that work for themselves may be less vulnerable to unemployment.

Become Self-Employed with Our Education Franchise


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Songs for seeds is an early childhood education franchise that teaches through live music. The demand for quality early childhood education programs is high and our engaging music education franchise meets this demand in a fun way.

As a mobile franchise concept, songs for seeds represents the perfect opportunity for those that are new to self employment. You can experience all the benefits of entrepreneurship backed by the support of our solid education franchise plan and corporate support.

Songs for seeds is a great self employment opportunity because of:


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Low overhead, high rewards

Our startup costs are minimal. An average investment range of $92,250 – $122,650 includes everything you need to get your music franchise open and running.

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Stable industry

When recession hits, consumers tighten up on unnecessary spending. For parents, education and childcare is a necessity, and they will continue to pay for quality services no matter the state of the economy. We are the closest thing to “recession proof franchises” that you’ll find.

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On-the-go business

songs for seeds is a mobile franchise, meaning your home is your office and you go to where your clients are.

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songs for seeds child education franchise is a growing movement of entrepreneurs, inspired to bring music and creativity to kids through award-winning music classes.

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